Have eyes everywhere with travelling track CCTV.

Intrepid has championed 360° Vision with the worlds’ only Automated Twin Camera carriage track CCTV system, Sentry Way SmartTrack, since 1999. Ingeniously concealed, SmartTracks’ motorised system utilizes pan, tilt and zoom track cameras, that glide undetected along a track. Silent, swift and precise, the twin tube cameras travelling at variable speeds constantly watch the bigger picture from every angle.
The perfect CCTV solution for monitoring large retail and industrial spaces, distribution centres, public transportation terminals, car parking facilities and secure institutions, The SmartTrack carriage can travel up to 4 metres per second and cover distances in excess of 160 metres. SmartTrack is IP addressable remote live viewing at its best and most sophisticated. Sentry Way has now developed a track and camera capable of manouvering around a curved track, making it possible for the camera to navigate into corners and other previously inaccessible spaces to cover all areas in detail.
Intrepid has installed SmartTrack into some of the UKs largest and most up to date distribution and warehouse facilities as well as major supermarkets, stationers and retailers, making SentryWay the world leader in track CCTV.

  • bootsAlthough we are primarily invested in the Smarttrack systems for security reasons, they also provide invaluable management information and as an added bonus assist with health and safety issues.
    Loss Prevention co-ordinator, Boots DC, Nottingham.

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New Sentry Way track and curve 2016

SmartTrack ® is the world’s most advanced, reliable and fastest traveling CCTV surveillance system. Sophisticated software instructs the camera carriage to follow a preprogrammed tour.
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Does a track CCTV system need a full time dedicated operator?

No. The Sentryway track system can be programmed to be completely automated.

Is the track system expensive to install and maintain?

Not necessarily. The track system offers the user much more flexibility over larger and awkward areas. Covering the same areas with static cameras, would require a larger number and therefore not be feasible.

Don’t track cameras break down all the time?

Just like any other equipment, track cameras should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure the system continues to work reliably.

Can I remotely access and control Sentryway?


Can the system be integrated into an existing CCTV system?


Where are the best applications for track cameras?

Track cameras are ideal for large retail environments, warehouses and factories.