Networked, or stand alone for multiple or single users

Intrepid supplies and installs all types of Access Control systems. We have exclusive UK partnerships with the worlds’ most innovative manufacturers to supply and install a range of different types and levels of sophistication.

Our access control systems can be networked within a building with access for 2 or 2000 people or simple stand alone controls for specific areas and reasons. Intrepid supply sophisticated systems which can be programmed to enable access at specific times, to specific areas or even lock down in an emergency, to protect staff and customers, or just simply restrict access to comply with health and safety.
We can add to an existing installation with wireless readers, install a new system to integrate with a network or retrofit updated equipment.

We are also able to supply cards, fobs and other contactless openers. Intrepid have the technical expertise and experience to advise, find and install the right system whatever your requirements and however broad the remit you choose to set us,so that you are in control to allow access to  the right people, when and where you need them.

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Obvious though it seems, access control is about controlling access to your premises to protect your staff and property, teachers and pupils.
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