No surgery required

Valuable medical exhibits at the Gordon Medical Museum, Guys Hospital Campus, King’s College London are being protected by a number oftkpic2small AM security system installed by Intrepid Security’s library and museum division.

Security labels supplied by Intrepid Security have been encased within the exhibits and a loop detection system installed around the exit to the museum, which generates an alarm if there is any unauthorized removal.
“Although we have only lost a few items illegally, many of the specimens and objects are either unique or extremely difficult and expensive to replace and of course students’ studies are affected when an item goes missing.” said William Edwards, Curator of the Museum. “We are also required to comply with the requirements of the Human Tissue Act and we therefore need extra measures to ensure the safe keeping of the exhibits.”

The Gordon Medical Museum has a collection of over 8,000 pathological specimens and a collection of very important medical and scientific artifacts. Also over 200,000 clinical transparencies and 500 DVD/Videotape and Tape-Slide programmes, all of which are an important educational resource for Medical, Dental and Biomedical Sciences students. The Museum opened in 1905 but some of the exhibits date back to previous Museums on this site, the oldest being from 1608. The collection, however, continues to grow to cover research into topical issues such as Forensic Medicine and HIV – AIDS.

“We looked very carefully at all the options available to protect the exhibits but after visiting Intrepid Security’s stand at a Museum and Heritage exhibition, we realized that the unobtrusive security labels, encased with the individual specimens, would offer us the highest level of protection.” added William Edwards. “We are very pleased with this solution as it does not affect the day-to-day running of the museum.”