Love your Feet - CCTV upgrade at Ugg stores.

interiorThink of a sheepskin boot and the first brand you think of is Ugg, world famous for their iconic de-constructed sheepskin boots, as worn by celebrities, a must have fashion item, delivering that rare combination of style and practicality.
Since their first stores opened in London in 2008, Intrepid has supplied and installed Invisible Loop, EAS tagging systems, providing premium protection for Ugg merchandise and have gone on to provide intelligent security solutions across a number of stand-alone stores in both the UK and Europe.
When the time came for the in-store CCTV systems to be upgraded, IT director James Reid approached us for a solution that would not only improve their view, but also provide consistency across all these sites. Retro-fitting the latest IP cameras would have involved re-cabling, loss of trading and was basically cost prohibitive, Paul Massey, Intrepid’s Technical Operations Manager explains:
‘UGG were looking to upgrade their estate with Quality HD digital pictures and increase storage capacity within the new DVRs, whilst using the same cable structure as the currently installed analogue systems
(RG59 coax).
This is where HD-TVI CCTV Technology comes into its own; HD-TVI Stands for High Definition – Transport Video Interface. This technology can support a mix of new HD-TVI Cameras as well as individual older Analogue cameras, that perhaps cannot be upgraded on the estate, due to type and or location.
TVI reduces installation time and cost by using existing installed Coaxial cables, whilst supporting clear HD Video signals (1020p/720p).
New High Definition images by simply upgrading the cameras and DVR and completed before each store opened for trade in the morning: a fast, cost effective way to achieve a fantastic result’.
Intrepid have now upgraded 9 stores, in the UK and Europe, installing from 8 to 16 HD-TVI cameras per store, supplied to Intrepid by innovative UK manufacturer, Norbain. The upgraded high resolution images and improved HD recording, gives the Ugg management team visibility from any PC, tablet smartphone or laptop, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.