Sweet smell of success

There are few more visible perfume retailers than The Perfume Shop and there is no better product to give a feel good factor than a beautiful scent in an attractive bottle. The Perfume Shop has been at the forefront to make this luxury item available to a much wider market.

Selling perfume is a serious business. The UK market alone is worth nearly £40,000,000 a year. The Perfume Shop encourages its workforce to be fragrance experts and all staff attend a “perfume school”, beginning with a box full of samples and teaching materials to explore and examine. A second level leads to a diploma, and after a year they can gain an external qualification, becoming a certified fragrance sales specialist; graduates are known as “ambassadors”.

When the store development team decided to roll out a new concept for their shops and wanted ‘open merchandising’ of their stock (a proven merchandising method to increase sales), The team contacted Intrepid to see if it was possible to protect ‘live’ merchandise. After some fierce competition from two of the world’s leading EAS companies, The Perfume Shop opted for Intrepid’s new Rembrandt AM system. The slim antennas are perfect for the smaller size of these stores and it’s now possible to protect all the live stock on display in each store.

De-activators sited at each POS, deactivates the tiny label attached to the product when a purchase is made. The new system is being rolled out across the estate, as each store comes up for refurbishment.

Paul Newbury, who has overseen the roll-out with The Perfume Shop for Intrepid says, ‘We were up against the big players, but our strength is our size. We care about the customer and do whatever it takes to get things right. I believe The Perfume shop chose Intrepids’ Rembrandt AM system because of our commitment to service, support and also the best price for the best system’.

Selling perfume is a serious business. The UK market alone is worth nearly £40,000,000 a year.