Number crunching at Bradford College.

bradfordedit1Bradford College, with over 22,000 students, is a large mixed economy college. Currently there are numerous campuses situated in and around Bradford with five of these campuses having a library. These libraries are located strategically so that each caters to the educational requirements of the students based around those locations.

The emergence of mobile devices and wireless networks and have allowed the library to loan out laptops, which has seen a migration of students away from the computer suites into the library areas.

“The occupancy statistics have always been taken manually” explained David Porter, Academic Liaison Librarian at the College, “we needed to update this to an electronic system. The majority of our library statistics are recorded electronically and we needed a way to accurately measure student flow in the library.”

Intrepid was able to suggest Solva Data collection as a suitable system. McMillan campus library, with 2,600 students, was selected as an ideal location to install the system. It is currently being used to collect statistics as part of a case study to evaluate if students are drawn to the IT suites because they prefer them as areas of study, or whether they were using them because that is where the technology was located. Solva battery operated horizontal double beam wireless people counter sensors were installed at the entrance to the library area.

Solva Data collection is automatic and retrieved using the time stamped Solva software package allowing reports and graphs of visitor patterns per half/hour/day/week etc.  and data can be either be stored on the PC locally or on the college network.

Accurately recording the flow in and out of the library area has meant that the librarians have been able to make comparisons between all available data. The information provided allows them to undertake informed decisions regarding on going strategies and helps build a greater insight as to the direction the library may take when moving into the new building.

Intrepid supply, install and support both wireless horizontal and Overhead IP Thermal imaging counters to the library and heritage sector throughout the UK and Southern Ireland.