Quail Spurs on Tottenham

file1-3Quail Digital is a team communication system for up to 30 users, with a coverage area of up 10,000 ft. The system is completely hands free; no heavy hand sets, battery packs, wires or ‘push to talk’ buttons, using ergonomically designed lightweight headsets. Intrepid installed Quail at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium store back in 2012, since time the system has been an integral part of the stores operations. Installed to reduce queue times, deliver a more efficient customer service and improve the overall communication across the store to drive up sales.

“The Quail system has worked effectively for our store since the installation in 2012″. Store Manager Mandeep Gora comments, “and we have found the system to be most effective on match-days, and during lunch-time periods on weekdays, when the store gets busier and a few of the staff are on lunch. It is a lifesaver on match-days as problems are resolved a lot quicker than they were before. Especially as we have some staff on tills and some on the shop floor. So if we (on the tills) need a bar-code we can just communicate with someone on the shop floor who is able to read out a bar-code quickly through the headset and the issue is resolved without any hassle” In October 2016, Intrepids’ Jordon Boukhari, working on a special Premier League project, visited the store as part of his research. Aware that there had been many improvements to the system since it was installed at Tottenham in 2012, Jordon suggested to Intrepid MD Noel Verbruggen, that the store would benefit from an upgrade to the latest version of Quail Digital. Store Operations Manager Paul Moynihan, impressed by the the existing system and how it had a positive effect on sales, was very happy to do. Since the installation of the latest technology, staff have continued to reap the benefits which Quail Digital brings to both customer service and their working day, by clear concise channels of team communication. Store Manager Mandeep Gora says, “I think that it has reduced the amount of time it takes issues to be resolved, therefore I’d say it has improved business performance as more customers are able to be served due to the increased efficiency of communication. It is interesting that the Quail system has also helped with the security side of things, for example if we spot someone acting suspiciously we are able to communicate with other staff just to keep an eye out, which is something that we never thought Quail would give us which has been a great bonus”