Intrepid install, service and maintain all types and technologies of EAS tagging  systems including SENSORMATIC.
Being independent with the ability to cherry pick not only from our partner companies, but also from other world class manufacturers, gives us the unique ability to be flexible in our approach to your profit protection. Our partnership with Dialoc ID, one of Europes’ largest and longest established manufacturers of EAS tagging equipment, gives us access to all the latest research and development in new technologies.
Product protection for shrinkage reduction. Profit Protection for your bottom line.
We guarantee all our installations for 12 months, with two years warranty on new electronics. We know how and where our EAS hard tags are made and most carry a ten-year warranty, virtually unknown in the industry. All detachers have a lifetime guarantee on operational effectiveness. We have CE and emission certification on all the systems we install, which goes without saying and we are able to environmentally document all aspects of manufacture.
We are also the sole UK distributor for Metalguard, detecting foil lined and ‘booster’ bags.

  • imgres-2Wynsors World of Shoes have utilised the services of Intrepid Security for over two decades.Within our 45 retail stores across the north of England, we have found Intrepid to be a reliable partner for all things security, predominantly in the tagging and footfall counter areas. We would highly recommend them to other multiple retailers, not only for their products but also for the professionalism and advice that they share on an ongoing basis.
    David Wilson
    Group Property Manager Wynsors World of Shoes

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Do I need antennas or can I have an invisible system?

An EAS system using antenna at the store entrance is designed to have a deterrent value as well as the function of detecting tagged merchandise. The system will still alarm if a tag passes through it, but the deterrent value will be lost. Using an invisible system, may be a design decision.

What technology is best?

EAS tagging works on either RF, EM or AM technologies. Which one you choose will depend on the type of merchandise that needs protecting and intrepid can advise your company on the most suitable one to use.

Will the tags damage my products?

Intrepid will always advise you on the correct tags to use for specific merchandise. Using the right protection for the right product will lessen the possibility that any merchandise will be damaged.

I’ve heard tagging merchandise puts off honest customers?

Why would it? Honest customers want to buy, not steal.

Are your systems compatible with others on the market?

All tagging systems work on the same technologies, so yes.

Can you service my existing equipment?

Yes. Intrepid is the only EAS Company to have a team of specially trained technicians to install and maintain all types of tagging systems. We are also a channel partner for Sensormatic so we are now able to supply and maintain all Sensormatic systems.

What warranty do you offer on a new system?

We offer a one year warranty as standard.

1New AM invisble Loop pdf

The AM Invisible Loop is the industry’s most reliable concealed system available.
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2New DC Diamond pdf

The DC Diamond is designed for high end interiors a great combination of good looks with a tough exterior, ideal for busy mall entrances.
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3New Diamond Hybrid RF AM pdf

The Diamond RF/EM Hybrid uniquely brings together two technologies in a single antenna. Constructed from scratch resistant acrylic for a robust yet refined design.
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4New DC Plex pdf

The DC Plex is a premium RF detection system. The antenna is constructed in scratch resistant acrylic with a multiwire configeration to retain a retain a sleek ‘barely there’ appearance.
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5New DC Tube pdf

The DC Tube is a flexible basic system for any store environment. The antenna is designed from powder coated steel and durable Forex to produce a robust,but sleek and modern antenna design.
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The new BLADE system has been created with a slim and modern design. It discretely fits onto door frames and walls.
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7Hand Held Verifier

Staff forget to remove a tag from a sale? Detect rogue tags without the inconvenience of emptying the customers bag.
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8New Metal Guard pdf

Whilst EAS tagging has been proven as the most cost effective method of reducing stock loss and in use for almost 40 years in the UK, research shows that there has been a marked increase in the use of foil-lined bags to ‘shield’ tagged items, that can then be removed from a store, without triggering the EAS system.
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9New ApparelGuard pdf

ApparelGuard detects and silently alarms when an illegal detacher is detected.

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10New Rembrandt AM pdf

The Rembrandt AM has been developed as an Acousto Magnetic version of the RF Rembrandt systems. A flexible basic system for any store environment, this AM version is fully digital with the latest DSP ( Digital Signal Processing) technology.
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11New Rembrandt XP Lux pdf

The Rembrandt XP Lux antenna is a lightweight antenna with reliable, false alarm free performance. The combination of anodized aluminium frame and polycarbonate panels completes a durable sophisticated antenna design.
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12New Rembrandt XP Plex and Plex Boutique pdf

The Rembrandt XP Plex Boutique is a slimmer alternative to the Rembrandt XP Plex and offers reliable, false alarm free performance in a more discreet profile. The antenna is manufactured with an anodised aluminium frame with a scratch resistant acrylic panel.
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13New Rembrandt XP Store pdf

The Rembrandt XP Store antenna is the flexible solution for the retailer who requires a basic design with reliable, false alarm free performance. The combination of anodized aluminium frame and Forexừ material ensures a durable modern antenna design.
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14Tags for all systems

As well as installing and maintaining tagging systems, we supply a wide range of hard and soft tags.
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15Service and Maintenance.pdf

Incorporated in 1993, Intrepid is the oldest established and most respected independent retail and library security provider in the UK and Ireland. Unlike our competitors, we are the only independent company with our own dedicated technical team, trained to install, service and maintain our own installations. In, addition our specially trained team is also contracted out to other EAS companies in the UK, Ireland and Europe, who value our expertise and experience within the industry.
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16Alert Metal Guard

MetalGuard sits adjacent to your existing EAS antenna or can be integrated into any new EAS installation to detect large metal objects or masses.
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17Turn your EAS tagging system into RFID

Empower your business and elevate shopping into a rich and positive customer experience. By using RFID as part of
your total retailing solution, you can offer so much more:
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18What intrepid can offer your business

Intrepid is the longest established independent EAS company in the UK, with unrivaled experience in loss prevention and profit protection for retail and non-commercial institutions. We offer systems and services to protect your stock, improve customer service and increase your profits.
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