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Do I need antennas or can I have an invisible system!

An EAS system using antenna at the store entrance is designed to have a deterrent value as well as the function of detecting tagged merchandise. The system will still alarm if a tag passes through it, but the deterrent value will be lost. Using an invisible system, may be a design decision.

What technology is best?

EAS tagging works on either RF, EM or AM technologies. Which one you choose will depend on the type of merchandise that needs protecting and intrepid can advise your company on the most suitable one to use.

Will the tags damage my products?

Intrepid will always advise you on the correct tags to use for specific merchandise. Using the right protection for the right product will lessen the possibility that any merchandise will be damaged.

I’ve heard tagging merchandise puts off honest customers?

Why would it? Honest customers want to buy, not steal.

Are your systems compatible with others on the market?

All tagging systems work on the same technologies, so yes.

Can you service my existing equipment?

Yes. Intrepid is the only EAS Company to have a team of specially trained technicians to install and maintain all types of tagging systems.

What warranty do you offer on a new system?

We offer a one year warranty as standard.

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