A new breed of active deterrent for product protection

Indyme Smart Response is a wireless system of sensors and call buttons designed to give your business real time data to protect merchandise, improve customer service and improve conversion rates.

SmartDome is what is known as an ‘active deterrent’. Using non-obtrusive shelf and aisle sensors, active-deterrence solutions detect suspicious events. Once detected, a local deterrence
device immediately makes the prospective thief aware that their activity has been detected and may simultaneously alert store personnel. The new generation of IoT sensors detects suspicious
behaviours at the shelf or aisle level. These sensors are coupled to a range of active local deterrence devices that can be programmed with custom audio messages, flashing LED lights, or used to trigger public-view monitors (PVMs).

Simply put, Indyme’s Smart Sense® portfolio of loss prevention products make potential thieves uncomfortable and uncertain.
That uncertainty often translates into abandoning the activity and moving on—that’s the goal of Smart Sense.

Talk to us and see what intrepid can do for your business.


1Indyme SmartDome.pdf

SmartDome active deterrent. Active profit protection.
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2The benefits of SmartDome for retailers..pdf

LP magazine looks at the benefits of SmartDome. Used in over 30,000 stores in the USA.
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3Active Deterents work!.pdf

Indyme CEO Joe Budano, on why SmartDome is so Successful.
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